Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Is It Safe To Drive To Johor Bahru (JB)?


Johor Bahru (JB) is a popular place that Singaporeans like to visit. Most come here because of the strong currency of the Singapore dollar (exchange rate is 1: 3.1), where you can stretch your dollar by 3 times. For those who seldom drive to Johor Bahru but is keen to do that, they are likely to ask this question: Is it safe to drive to Johor Bahru (JB)?

There are many news report that Singaporean cars are stolen in Johor Bahru, some cars are even stolen in less than 10 seconds. With such negative reports, those who drive to Johor Bahru will have fear. However, we do not have to be restrain by fear. Instead, if we prepare ourselves well, we can always reduce the risk of car theft, and still be able to enjoy going to Johor Bahru. We will share more here.

Always Take Precautions

There is nothing really more important to take precautions. Below are some important tips to help you.

1. Don’t Leave Valuables In Your Car

Never leave valuables in your car that is visible form the outside. Thief will always on the look out for things to steal from your car. It only take them 2 seconds to break your car windows and run away with your valuables. There are even occasions where thief on motorcycles will break your car windows at the traffic junction to steal your handbags and valuables. So don’t let your valuables be visible. Importantly, don’t leave any bags or even non-valuable things in the car, because thief may mistaken this as valuables and take the risk to steal. So the best advice is not to left anything in the car that will appear to be of worth to the thief.

Don’t leave anything in the car that appear to be valuables


2. Use Anti-Theft Protection (Steering Wheel Lock)

Using a steering wheel lock can help to protect from car theft. Steering wheel lock will lock up your steering wheel, so even if the theft managed to break into your car and get the engine started, he will have difficulty to drive the car away, because the steering wheel lock will restrict the turning movement of the car.

If choosing the steering wheel lock, try to get one that is highly visible from outside the car. If the thief is to target your car to steal, after realizing that your car has a steering wheel lock, it is likely he will not want to spend too much effort to steal your car, because there are many other cars around you. So ensure your steering wheel lock is visible from the outside. Consider getting your steering wheel lock before going into Johor Bahru here.

Make sure your steering wheel lock is visible from the outside


3. Park Your Car Smartly

Park your car in high human traffic location (if possible). It is also best if you can follow the following tips in parking your car, as car theft syndicate can use towing method to tow your car away from the car park instead of stealing it.

Park your car in forward position. Many Singaporeans are used to reversed parking, but try to park your car with the front going in first. Car towing will tow the car from the front. By parking forward, the tow truck will have difficulty to tow it from the front.
After front parking in, turn your steering wheel clock wise by at least 3/4 turn, so that your front steering wheel is slanted to an angle of about 45 degree.
Apply your steering wheel lock to secure any turning of your steering wheel.

By doing the above, you make it difficult for car theft syndicate to tow your car, and with the steering wheel turn to 45 degree and locked by your steering wheel lock, it will be very challenging for car thief to tow your car by force.

Park your car properly to prevent car thief from towing away your car

Still Worry About Driving To Johor Bahru (JB)?

Well, there is probably no place that is 100% safe from car theft. Taking proper precautions and exercising common sense will help you to reduce the risk. Plan your trip well and be prepared, you should be ready to go. Don’t let the negatives make you so fearful that it deny you of enjoyment to spend time in Johor Bahru.  Is about time to enjoy Johor Bahru (JB).

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