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Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark (Johor Bahru) - Ready For A Wild Ride? - Simply Enjoy JB

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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark (Johor Bahru) – Ready For A Wild Ride?

Feeling there are no more interesting places to visit in Johor Bahru? Well, Johor Bahru will always have new interesting places to visit, if you look hard enough. The latest addition is Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark.

Many of the older Singaporeans will remember Desaru Resort, where there are nice beaches and chalets for spending a short holiday, with lots of water sports to enjoy. However, this place has kind of been forgotten, as the resort has not been upgraded for sometime to keep up with competition.

In recent year, the Malaysia government has identified this place as a key tourist spot to bring in more tourists to Johor Bahru. Thus the government has invested heavily in revamping Desaru Caost to bring back its former glory. Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark is just one of the many attractions that is shaping up this wonderful holiday attraction. You can also find Hard Rock Hotel, Westin Hotel and Anantara Desaru Coast Resort and Villas. In addition, there is a 27-hole and 18-hole golf course, and many places for shopping and dining.

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Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark, Johor Bahru

Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark is huge, it is 8.5 hectares in size. How big is that? It is approximately 12 soccer fields, so that is really huge. The waterpark is the largest in Malaysia, and has the capacity to accommodate 12,000 visitors a day. It features more than 20 kinds of wet and dry rides, slides and attractions. There are total of 5 play zones, there will surely be something for you.

Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark has 5 play zones, including one for kids.

Tidal Wave Beach

Tidal Wave Beach is one of the largest wave pools in Southeast Asia holding more than four million gallons of water over nearly three acres. The wave generator can push waves up to 4m-high, making it one of the world’s biggest man-made waves. Guests can relax in luxury and enjoy the wave pool views from the Beachside Cabanas, or lounge along the 170-meter-long sandy shoreline of Tidal Wave Beach.

Kids Ahoy

Kids Ahoy has three age-appropriate play areas filled with water play equipment and a combined total of 13 different water slides designed for our younger guests. These zones are splashing favourites for toddlers, young children, tweens and early teens!

Rip Tide

This ride will sweep you away at the steepest angles and fastest speeds giving an unparalleled feeling of weightlessness. Travel downhill to enter the first twister where you will slide back and forth several times then circle around in the eye of the storm before exiting and hitting the second and third twisters ending with a splash into the pool.

Kraken’s Revenge

Kraken’s Revenge is a combination roller coaster and splashing flume ride that takes thrill seekers up 30 metres above the ground in rolling “boats” before swooping and spinning through a full 360º horizontal loop, followed by a diving 27-metre drop to the shipwrecking Kraken sea monster waiting in the pool of water below. Riders can reach speeds up to 70 km/h as they plummet to a splashing finish.

Beach Side Cabanas

The Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast looks out on the wave pool of the Beach Side Cabanas and the 170-metre-long sandy shoreline of Tidal Wave Beach, with a dedicated entrance to the Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark for hotel guests.

Beach Surf Wall

A safe and high-energy surf simulator where surfing beginners or enthusiasts can catch and ride a radical artificial wave. The Surf Wall can accommodate up to five boogie boarders or two stand-up surfers at one time.

Wild Whirl

On Wild Whirl, riders on rafts hurtle down a steep entrance channel, then shoot into the wide-open bowl high on the wall for peak thrills. Glued to the wall by centrifugal force and shot forward by momentum, they speed around the perimeter. As rafts and riders slow, they move to the centre drop chute for a quick and exciting exit. Water jets send rafts effortlessly into the patented CorkScrew™ and down a tunnel into the splash pool below.

Super Twister

The Super Twister leads riders cruising through radius curves before an unexpected drop into a funnel where they oscillate back & forth and then exit back into the enclosed tunnel and onto the next set of exciting curves & funnels.

The Tempest

Experience two high-energy funnels and a sudden 24-foot drop that allows for high-banking swings. Look out for a 55-foot tube slide with a funnel in the middle which will send you on a swirling vortex before completing the descent to splashdown.

Penawar Falls

With three separate waterfalls tumbling over each rising cliffs into a pond below, Penawar Falls is a sight for young and old alike. The giant Penawar Flower sends you on a discovery for a story of intrigue, pirates, villagers and young heroes!

Penaware River

At 350 meters, the Penawar River is a long, looping lazy river that floats amid lush greenery of riverbank and riverside fishing village scenes. Set among the Penawar River are four popular giant water slides – Wild Whirl, Super Twister, Riptide and The Tempest.

Penaware River Huts

Spread across the sand-lined Penawar River, the Penawar Huts feature economy cabanas, available for you to rent for your own personal and private use.

Swing Ship

The classic Swinging Ship theme park ride has three towering waterfalls cascading over a massive 13-metre-high rock cliffs. The Swinging Ship is everyone’s favourite ride — mild enough for youngsters and great fun for all ages, the replica pirate ship arches up to 180 degrees in both directions, filling the air with laughter.

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Soft Launch of Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark, Johor Bahru

Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark, welcomes visitors with a 50% discount on tickets in conjunction with its soft opening on 03 August 2018.

During the soft launch, the waterpark will be opened four days a week, and closed on the other three days for finishing touches to be carried out. The waterpark will be opened on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. However, the waterpark will be opened everyday during the whole week of school holidays in Malaysia in August 2018, and also during the whole week of school holidays for Singapore in September 2018. The waterpark will be fully operational at its full capacity by October 2018, just in time for the school long holidays at the end of the year.

The soft launch promotion offers ticket at RM75 for adults, RM56 for children and free entry for children aged three years and below. The normal price after the promotion is RM151 for adults, RM113 for children and senior citizens, and free for children aged below three years old.

Ticket price for MyKad holders is RM124 for adults and RM90 for children. There will also be a special pass for Johoreans which entitles them to unlimited entries for the whole year at RM271.

You can book your online tickers here.

Soft Launch (Aug 2018 to 14 Oct 2018)
10am – 6pm Thursday to Sunday.
Closed from Monday to Wednesday.
(From 15 Oct 2018, open all days)

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Hotels In Desaru Coast Resort, Johor Bahru

You will definitely need to have a good rest after the fun day in the waterpark. There are a few hotels for your wonderful stay here.

Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast

The Westin Desaru Coast Resort

Anantara Desaru Coast Resort & Villas

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How To Get To Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark, Johor Bahru?

The Adventure Waterpark is located in Desaru, Johor Bahru.

  • Address:
    Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark, Johor Bahru
    Jalan Damai, Desaru Coast, 81930 Bandar Penawar, Johor, Malaysia
  • Google Map

There are a few options for your to get to Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark from Singapore. This includes coach bus, self drive and by ferry.

Transport By Travel Coach/Car To Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark

Singapore travel agency WTS Travel provides a direct coach service to Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark. You can purchase only transport tickets, or full package including waterpark entrance tickets. In addition, the agency also provide private car service (MPV) for 6 persons. See price details below.

Transport By Ferry To Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark

You can also get to Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark by ferry from Changi Ferry Terminal. At the Changi Ferry Terminal, you can purchase the ferry ticket at the counter. Ferry ticket cost $26 for a single one way trip.
Do note the ferry departure timing, as there are only a few departures per day.

  • 9:30am
  • 12:30pm/li>
  • 5:00pm
  • 8:00pm

You may also purchase the ferry ticket online, at this web site

Self Drive to Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark

If you are driving to Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark for the first time, you will be happy to know that the new highway E22 will shorten your travel time by at least an hour. The journey will take about 1.5 hours, and travel distance is about 91.6km. Driving along the new highway is easy and fast, and you can also drop off along the way to visit some fruit farms and ostrich farms.

In addition to Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark, there are also many local attractions that you can venture to if you have more time. Some of these popular attractions include fire fly watching, Kota Tinggi water fall, fruit farm visits, ostrich farm visit. Check out with the hotel for more information.

We hope the information here is helpful to your travel plan. We wish you a great and wonderful trip to Johor Bahru. Enjoy Johor Bahru !

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