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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Johor Bahru Fishing Village Near Tuas Checkpoint

Many Singaporeans like to buy fresh seafood in Johor Bahru. Most will go to the wet market where there are wide variety of seafood for sale. These seafood are usually mixture of kelong seafood and fresh water seafood. Kelong seafood are breed in sea water kelongs, while fresh water seafood are breed in fresh water ponds. These seafood are great, but they can never match those that are direct from the sea.

Why we say so?

Breed seafood, be it from kelongs or fresh water ponds, are fed with controlled food and sometimes anti-botics to ensure they don’t die due to sickness. Whereas seafood direct from the sea are natural food source, you can say it is organic if compared to vegetables. That is why there are some Singaporeans that will go to fishing villages in Johor Bahru in search of seafood directly catch from the sea each day.

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One of the popular fishing village is in Pontian fish market. This is a great place and there are many fisherman selling their catch daily. The only problem with Pontian fish market is that it is quite far, about an hour drive or 50km from the Tuas Checkpoint. We would like to introduce to you another fishing village that offers the same fresh seafood catch daily, but is much nearer. It is located near to the Tuas Checkpoint. This Malay fishing village is known as Pendas Fresh Fish Market. Besides the fresh fish market, there are many other interesting things to see in this fishing village.

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Pendas Fresh Fish Market Johor Bahru, Near To Tuas Checkpoint

Pendas Fresh Fish Market is located near to the Tuas Checkpoint. You can get to the fishing village using the Tuas Checkpoint at the Second Link. To find out more on how to get there, click here.

Pendas fishing village is located near to Tuas Checkpoint

You can find wide variety of fresh catch seafood daily.

Flower crabs

Giant pomfret at 1.5kg
Sting ray and sotong
You can even find giant eel here
Young children helping up their parents to remove scales from the fishes


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Price Of Seafood In Pendas Fishing Village

The price of seafood here is relatively cheaper when you compare to prices in Singapore. Take for example the batang fish. Batang fish cost RM32 per kg here. This is like S$10 per kg, which you can buy a whole big batang fish here. By the way, you can only purchase a whole fish, and nobody sell cut pieces of fish here.

Batang fish cost about RM32 per kg. One kg is one big fish.
Cooked batang fish

Below is a price table for seafood in Pendas fishing village. The price is for your reference only, as sometimes the price can change due to season and weather, such as price increase during Chinese New Year.

Price sometimes can vary due to season and weather condition

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Do you sums and it is not difficult to draw your conclusion whether this is value for money. All we can say is that using the same amount of money, you can probably buy in Singapore a small plastic bag of seafood, and will be easy to carry as the bag is light. With the same amount of money in Johor Bahru, you will need to use a much bigger plastic bag, and also it will be heavy for you to carry. Many Singaporeans actually carry their ice box or trolley to help carry the seafood to their cars. When you make comparison with the prices, do remember that the seafood in Pendas fishing village are fresh catch direct from the sea.

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Fisherman At Work In Pendas Fishing Village

If you are early, you may be able to see the fisherman at work in Pendas fishing village. Fisherman went out to the sea during midnight, and work hard to catch fresh seafood direct from the sea. They usually will finish their catch in the early morning, and return to the fresh fish market to sell what they catch.

Fishing boat return from catch in the sea
Fisherman returning from the sea
This is the narrow water way that connects the fishing village with the sea
Many customers come early to wait for the fisherman to return. Many are Singapore cars.

We were lucky to chance upon giant grouper fish caught by the fisherman. It is also interesting to see how the fisherman lift up the giant grouper fishes from the fishing boat. Enjoy the videos.

Giant Grouper Fishes Caught By Fisherman


Fisherman Lifting Up the Giant Grouper Fishes From The Boat


Giant Grouper Fishes For Sale


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Tour Of The Fishing Village in Pendas Johor Bahru, Near To Tuas Checkpoint

Apart from buying seafood, Pendas fishing village is a nice place for you to spend your morning, relaxing in this laid back place that is hard to find in Singapore. Here are the few interesting places you can see.

Mangrove and greenery at the pendas fishing village
Mud skippers at the mangrove
Fisherman drying up the fishing net after a day’s work
Resident in pendas fishing village preparing for dinner
Nice sea view to spend the morning
Fishing boats lining up nicely in a row
Pendas fishing village is located near to Citrine Hub Sunway Iskandar (High rise building behind is Citrine Hub)

Pendas fishing village is actually located near to Citrine Hub Sunway Iskandar. From the above photo, the high rise building behind the fishing boats is Citrine Hub. Check out more on Citrine Hub here.

Touring around the fishing village, you can find traditional stilt house above the sea, but they are improved to use concrete slab in stead of wood. The architecture face of the kumpung house is still being preserved.

Traditional stilt house above the sea water
There is also a coffee shop that serve nasi lemak and other traditional Malay snacks
Pendas fishing village also has pasar malam
Selling corn in the pasar malam
Selling baby yam in the pasar malam
Sea cucumber is very affordable here
Halal seafood restaurant in pendas fishing village
Seafood restaurant menu
Food truck selling fast food
There is even a chalet here

Interestingly, there is even a chalet in pendas fishing village. Beside the chalet, there is a fresh water fish pond which is open to public for fishing.

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How To Get To Pendas Fresh Fish Market Johor Bahru From Tuas Checkpoint

Pendas Fresh Fish Market is located near to Tuas Checkpoint. You can get here via second link in Tuas checkpoint. The fishing village is not accessible by public transport, and taxi may not come here as it is away from the city. You can get here by driving, and if you are here to buy seafood, then you need a vehicle to transport our seafood back to Singapore. The address and google map of Pendas Fresh Fish Market is shown below.

  • Address:
    Pendas Fresh Fish Market
    15, Lorong Bebaru, Pendas, 81550 Gelang Patah, Johor, Malaysia
  • Google Map

If this is the first time you are coming to Pendas fishing village, then the guide below will be useful for your navigation. It is not exactly difficult to come here, but as it requires driving through some kumpung roads, so not all Singaporeans are comfortable with that. Below is the guide to show you how to drive to Pendas fishing village, we hope this is helpful to help you get there.

Location of Pendas Fishing Village, Johor Bahru

Once again, using Google map, this is the location of Pendas Fresh Fish Market.

Pendas fishing village is located near to Tuas Checkpoint

Driving Route To Pendas Fishing Village

From Google map, set your destination to “Pendas Fresh Fish Market”, and set your start point as “Tuas Checkpoint”. The route information will be as follow in the map below.

Set google map to go from Tuas Checkpoint to Pendas fresh fish market.

The route will be as follow:

1) Start from Tuas Checkpoint.

2) Cross the Johor Bahru toll in second link.

3) After the JB toll, head towards the highway towards Gelang Patah. You will pass by Shell station and Petronas station on the left.

Look out for Gelang Patah when driving about the highway

4) Follow the direction to Gelang Patah. When you pass by Gelang Patah town, you may want to stop by for breakfast before heading to the fishing village.

Gelang Patah town, you may want to have breakfast here first, before head to the fishing village.

5) Traveling along Gelang Patah town, you will hit a junction at the Gelang Patah Bus Interchange. This bus interchange is where some CW bus from Singapore will stop here. The bus interchange is a modern design, which is outstanding in this old town. Once you see the bus interchange, keep left and turn left to Tanjung Kupang.

Watch out for Gelang Patah bus interchange, keep left and prepare to turn left.

6) Traveling along Tanjung Kupang, you will see lots of palm trees on the side. There are some factories along the way too.

Lots of palm trees driving along Tanjung Kupang.

7) Along Tanjung Kupang, you will see Melia Residence on the right side. Melia Residence is a new housing project that is developed by UEM, and is near the future High Speed Rail (HSR) station. This area is called Gerbang, which is the new township that will be developed.

Melia Residence is a new housing project near the future High Speed Rail station in Gerbang Johor Bahru

8) Shortly after Melia Residence, you will pass by Leisure Farm Resort which is on the left side. You will see Leisure Farm Gate 1, which is the main entrance. After this, you will pass by Poresia Golf Resort, which is next to Leisure Farm.

Leisure Farm Resort Gate One
Leisure Farm Resort is a housing project by the Mulpha Group

9) After Leisure Farm, look out for the road sign board showing “Kg Pendas”, you will need to turn left to go the Kumpung Pendas, which is Pendas fishing village.

Road sign leading to pendas fishing village. Turn left after this road sign.

10) Shortly after the left turn, you will hit a T junction that will lead you to the residence of the Malaysia Immigration staff. You need to turn right to get to this residence.

T junction leading to the residence of the Malaysia Immigration staff. You need to turn right at the T junction.

11) After turning right on the T junction, look out for the sign board that show direction to the Immigration Complex.

Sign board showing direction to the immigration complex

12) You will soon see a few condos that are actually the residence of the staff who work at the Malaysia Immigration Complex. You will see the condos on the left, the Immigration Complex will be on your right.

Condos on the left are housing for staff working at the immigration complex. Immigration complex is on the right side.

13) After the condos, you will reach another junction. Take note to drive carefully here, as there are actually 3 directions to go from this junction. Turn right at the junction.

This is a 3 way junction, turn right at the junction

14) After turning right, you will see a road passing through a under pass. Continue drive straight.

Road going through a under pass. Continue drive straight

15) Continue driving, and you will hit another junction. You need to turn left at the junction to go to the fishing village. Turning right will lead you to the port of tanjung pelepas (PTP).

Look out for another junction, and turn left to go to the fishing village

16) You will see another under pass, and you are almost there to the fishing village.

Once you see the second underpass, you are almost there to the fishing village

17) Driving all the way straight, you should reach the fishing village in about 5 minutes time.

You have arrive at pendas fishing village

18) You have arrived. Now is the time to start the fun and enjoy the relax environment.

You can start to explore pendas fishing village

Good job for arriving here, we hope you have a wonderful journey and enjoy the fresh seafood.

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